Tour Guide Insights into Skyscraper Architecture Segway Tour

I will never forget the first time I was on a Segway Tour, zipping around Buckingham Fountain at night. The yellow, red and blue lights lit up various nuances of the fountain as I had an in-motion panoramic view. It won’t take long for one to realize the amazing qualities of a Segway, and while they may look silly (and I’ve Segway’d by my fair share of chuckles and grimaces), there is so much ground that can be covered and they’re incredibly fun! The Skyscraper Architectural Segway Tour of Chicago is one that particularly covers a lot of ground, not just geographically, but historically and culturally too.

We begin on the Chicago River, and while learning about incredible buildings like Marina City and the Intercontinental, we are also able to see the subtle things that make Chicago great– our beautiful river walk, various kinds of public art, little juice or coffee huts, kayaks along the river. The list goes on. Chicago is as beautiful as it ever has been, and with a venue like that we are able to delve into its rich history and culture. We then connect with Lake Michigan, where we are smack dab in between the vast body of water and some of the tallest, most beautiful buildings in not just the country, but worldwide.

The rest equates to ‘seeing is believing.’ Chicago has so much to offer and the Skyscraper Tour will seriously show you that. I am on tours daily and the city still manages to amaze me with its beauty and back story. And every day that I am on a tour, I can see that it’s not just me, others from all over the globe are amazed as well. So if you have giggled or shrugged your brows perplexed seeing a line ofSegways pass by you, it is only until you hop on one, and I promise you will be amazed too!

This entry was written by Bike and Roll Chicago Tour Guide extraordinaire Chris.